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About My Travel Buddy

My Travel Buddy is a multi-purpose mobile app that allows you to translate text and photos, keep track of your travel itinerary, keep and maintain a to-do list (never forget that passport at home) and of course provide a countdown to your trip!


My Travel Buddy is one of the most flexible travel applications on the market. While some travel applications have a simple count-down tool, or a simple to-do list or even basic text translation features we provide so much more. Type in a phrase in English and not only will it be translated into your language of choice, but you'll hear the translation as well. Now you can order a beer in Germany, or a Crêpe in Paris.

But what really lets us stand out from the rest is our photo translation service. Go to the menu, select "Photo Translation" and follow these simple steps. 1. Point and shoot! (Yes, it's that easy) 2. Submit the photo for transcription. 3. View the results



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